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BriteThings energy management platform reduces plug-load cost by as much as 50% BriteThings plugs and power strips learn how electricity is used and sends on/off schedules that cut costs, cut carbon footprint and do it in the background, automatically without effecting workload.

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Dr. Sherry Hu
Chief Executive Officer

Sherry is a recognized expert within the energy efficiency sector. Prior to founding BriteThings, Sherry held a senior engineering management position at PG&E, served as the Director of Green Building Programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council, and lectured at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has published over 30 articles and research reports and is an innovative entrepreneur, having authored over 10 patents in building energy software, environmental monitoring, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

Dr. Shawn Liu
Chief Technology Officer

Shawn is a reputable technical expert in building engineering and control systems. Shawn has a PhD in engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. He has published over 100 papers and reports and holds over 10 patents in leading edge technologies from several countries. Shawn is passionate about saving energy and protecting the environment for future generations.

Ari Reubin
Chief Strategy Officer

Ari has worked as an executive officer and strategist for large corporations and high tech companies. He is an expert in metadata analytics, clean technologies, and tech transfer. Ari is a thought leader and an influential figure in smart buildings and commercial real estate.

Diankun Chen
Architect of Information Technology

Diankum has extensive technical and management experience in software engineering, network design, and web/cloud development. He is an excellent problem-solver and can decode a complex system and identify opportunities for improvement. Kun holds an M.S. in engineering management from Tongji University.

Isabella Zhang
UI/UX Designer

Isabella is a multi-talented User Interface and User Experience Designer. She is highly skilled in software and website design and digital graphic information. Isabella is also a master of user experience and is well versed in creating dynamic and interactive interfaces that are attractive, functional, and user-friendly.

Dr. Rodrigo Alonso
VP of IT Engineering

Rodrigo has been a VP of IT in high tech startups in Silicon Valley.  He is proficient in leading and organizing an efficient and high-performance team. He embraces the depth and breadth of technical expertise in a variety of areas, including enterprise systems, networking appliances, development tools, and desktop applications.